B6 Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System for Audi A4 1.8l 02-05


B6 Magnaflow Sport Exhaust System for Audi 1.8L 2002-2005

Magnaflow creates exhaust systems that improve horsepower while giving your engine a unbelievable sound.  This exhaust system for the Audi A4 includes single polished tips and features full mandrel bending.  A great upgrade for your Audi A4.
Read more about Magnaflow below:
Overcome Backpressure and Release More Horsepower.
PROBLEM: Backpressure is a typical feature of an exhaust system. The backpressure on the exhaust flow can help to reduce sound, but at the same time, it limits engine power. This power reduction comes from an inefficient burn in the combustion chamber where spent exhaust gasses are backed-up into the combustion chamber and contaminate the next burn cycle.
A second problem associated with backpressure is heat build-up. This occours in the OEM style chamber muffler. Hot exhaust gasses are forced through louvers and into dead-end chambers. The heat builds up in the muffler and then backs itself up through the entire exhaust system to the exhaust manifold and engine. This heat retention causes damage to the muffler as well as the catalytic converter, the system tubing, the manifold and gaskets. Even ignition wires can burn up due to an overheated, inefficient exhaust system.
SOLUTION: MagnaFlow reduces the backpresure while maintaining a rich powerful performance tone. Annoying exhaust frequencies are dampened with a dense wall of acoustical absorbing material. The straight-through design prevents excessive heat retention allowing the entire system to run cooler and last longer.
MagnaFlow overcomes the backpressure problem and releases more torque and more horsepower from your engine.
Is Pipe Reduction Putting the Squeeze On Your Performance?
 PROBLEM:  Pipe diameter reduction is a common problem with OEM style bent tubing. In a sharp bend, this reduction may be as much as 20%. A 2" diameter pipe may see a flow reduction equivelant to a 1-3/4" diameter pipe. In effect, this reduces the entire system's flow capacity to the smaller dimension and increases backpressure. 
SOLUTION:  Mandrel bent tubing maintains its diameter throughout the length of tubing regardless of the bend. The flow capacity in the bend is the same as the straight-away. No reductions equals no added backpressure. All MagnaFlow system tubing is mandrel bent to assure system-wide high-flow.
Louver Induced Turbulence.
PROBLEM:  Most mufflers use some type of perforated pipe to allow air and sound movement throughout the muffler. Louvered and Perforated tubing are the two types used. Louvers with bent-in metal flaps create turbulence within the tubing, and turbulence slows air flow. This slow flow adds backpressure which reduces your engines power output.
SOLUTION:  Perforated tubing allows exhaust gasses to slide right through. No turbulence and no added backpressure. MagnaFlow uses straight-through perforated tubing with absolutely no restrictions.  
Move It Or Lose It.
PROBLEM:  Any slowdown in exhaust movement equals a loss of power, and exhaust gasses that keep slamming into obstructions flow very slowly. An OEM chamber style muffler with power robbing baffles is a good example of this. The exhaust gases enter and are forced through louvers, around sharp bends and even into compartments with no outlets. Not exactly an ideal situation for reducing backpressure.
SOLUTION:  To avoid this, look for smooth transitions and funneled air director channels to improve flow. MagnaFlow uses several transition strategies within the system:
Smooth Transition Y-Pipe
Connects manifold outlets to exhaust system.
Catalytic Converter - Designed for flow efficiency.
Funneled air directors at inlet and outlet to guide exhaust flow.
Ribbed body to recess cushioning mat out of exhaust path.
Mandrel Bent Extension Pipe
Pipe diameter is consistent with no reduction through bends.
High-Flow Performance Muffler - 
Straight-through design for maximum flow and no backpressure.
No chambers, baffles or louvers to interrupt exhaust flow.

Major Applications:

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  • Audi
  • A4
  • 2002 - 2005