HID Kits

Audi HID Kits are designed with your safety in mind. They are designed to increase overall night time visibility. The Xenon bulb that is used in our HID Kit, illuminates the night in a way to mimic the light of the sun. Audi HID Kits are the best upgrade on the market when it comes to night lighting. If you are not satisfied with the amount of light emitting from your headlights you may be searching for an upgrade. Audi HID Kits are found on the market easily these days you can choose from different bulb sizing to fit your headlights, low beam or high beam, and also your fog lights. There are also many different color temperatures, which allow you to choose anything from a yellow color all the way up to a violet, or 4200K all the way to a 30K bulb.

New Products For June - HID Kits