Set of HID Replacement Bulbs


A HID relay kit can take care of problems with your HID Kit. ÿSome vehicle's have lower voltage than others which might cause your HID kit to not function properly. ÿThis HID Relay allows the HID kit to get power directly from the battery instead of the vehicle's headlight bulb connection. ÿIf your vehicle has a poor batter, alternator, or any other heavy drain from stereo's or electrical components this relay kit is for you. ÿIn order for us to serve you more effectively, please specify the HEADLIGHT BULB SIZE during the checkout process. ÿIf you have ordered your HID Relay along with your HID Kit we will send the correct kit for you.ÿÿIf you have any questions please give us a call.

Major Applications:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Range
  • Audi
  • TT
  • 1998 - 2013
  • Model: Hidbulbs